1. The basics: explaining the structure of Chainels

Chainels is the tenant engagement platform for shopping destinations: shopping centres, factory outlets, high streets and city centres. One solution where all stakeholders inform each other and collaborate on topics such as marketing, security, facility management and governance. We make internal communication effortless and provide tenants with easy access to premium services. Save time and money & watch the satisfaction and engagement of your tenants increase rapidly! Using Chainels helps you to achieve better cooperation and more efficient communication between managers, tenants, security personnel, facility service providers and owners.

The Chainels platform is, like most modern software services, available on the web (on www.chainels.com) and via the Chainels app. The website works well on all modern browsers and has a responsive interface, meaning the portal adjusts itself to a variety of screen sizes. The Chainels app is available for both Android and iOS. The apps are built native, which guarantees the best user experience for the two operating systems.

Chainels is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means that it is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. The platform has the same structure for all of our clients, with a range of optional features. At the start we make sure the portal is set-up in a way that fits your needs best. 

On Chainels, every shopping area has its own secured online community. To serve as a multi-stakeholder solution, a community consists of companies and their respective users. Every user can access the portal with their email address and password of their choice.

A successful community requires active users. And because users aren’t constantly looking at the portal, it is vital that they are notified when something important happens. Events like new messages and new users create email notifications and in-app push notification. Because some events are perhaps more relevant than others, both the community managers and the users have a say about their notification preferences.

Most Chainels communities are composed of users and organisations with a large variety of roles and authorisations. It is therefore important that the right people receive the right content and can access the services that apply to them. In the portal we use groups to separate users. Groups can be formed on a company level (e.g. retail vs. food & beverage) and a user level (e.g. store manager vs. staff). Users can have different authorisation levels. Next to regular users, there are for example community and company admins who have certain technical permissions.

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