4. Services: facilitate your members

Members join a community because of the benefits they get from the services that the community offers them. It is in the best interest of the community that members are aware of these services and to ensure that they are easy-to-use and accessible at all times.

The service page

The service page as presented in the platform is specifically designed to display and promote services. Where the message timeline shows highly dynamic content, the service page functions as a menu with more static information.

Each service displayed on the service page has a title, icon and cover image, and refers to an information page, form or feature. Services are mainly used to inform members and to collect and/or visualise data. A community manager can configure services, pin services in the menu and make services accessible for a selection of members. It is also possible to create custom services; text boxes, image/file upload, buttons and links make it easy to create appealing and functional pages.